The Store Army Surplus company has been in business since 2020, and we operate online. The company specializes in selling high-quality clothing and footwear for combat and tactical training to the consumers. Besides, customers can purchase camping equipment as well as a wide range of various survival accessories. The company deals only with high-quality products of the world’s leading brands, which characterizes the company in the market. The employees of Store Army Surplus do their best to guarantee a fast and high-quality service to our customers. All orders are handled very quickly, but at the same time to the highest standard. Incoming orders are collected on the day they are received, completed and sent to the recipient.

The staff of the company are constantly in contact with the customer, from the moment the order is received to the moment the customer gets his or her purchase. The specialists are always available to provide consultations to the customers on the whole range of questions that arise. All our goods come with a post-sale warranty, which indicates that the company considers high-quality service for those who have chosen to be among our customers as its priority.